Starteos Wallet App
Your First EOS Wallet
  • Convenient and Rapid Token Management
    Multiple assets integrated, with data shown clearly
  • One-stop Digital Asset Management
    Market, voting for BPs, account registration, generation of public key and private key, resource staking
  • Secure Hardware Encryption
    Encrypted storage, “one-tap access” backup by cold-storage wallet, asset management, secure transfer and transaction
Memory Box Cold-storage Wallet
  • Secure Hardware Encryption
    Multiple assets integrated to guarantee the security of digital assets
Why do You Choose Memory Box?

One-tap Access

Memory Box is the world’s first cold-storage wallet that could access data only by one tap. You only need to switch the Memory Box on, put it close to the mobile phone with ”Starteos” Wallet App , make sure Bluetooth of the mobile phone has been turned on, tap "Create New Wallet", "Backup Wallet to Memory Box", "Import Wallet from Memory Box into Mobile Phone", and wallet will be backed up and imported, which could truly realize “one-tap access”.

One-tap Backup

Memory Box supports one type of digital currency being stored in different wallets. In other words, “Starteos” Wallet App is a collection of many isolated wallets. Starteos wallet supports “one-tap” backup into Memory Box at any time. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you conduct backup after creating a new wallet, and it will be the best to back up by two different ways and keep backups separately in order to avoid any loss.

Double Encryption

Memory Box adopts double encryption technology on data processing and has been strictly verified for security by Starteos Blockchain Laboratory. As long as you have placed Memory Box and Other backups at a safe place and keep them properly, and even when the mobile phone is lost, you could use Memory Box to timely recover data, transfer asset and re-back up. It could be ensured that your digital asset will be protected from any attack.

How to Buy Memory Box ?

① Download “Starteos” Wallet App. Click on "Discover" – click on “St. Art EOS” to enter the store

② Select “Memory Box”

③ Click on “Buy”

  • Voting for BPs
    Voting for your favorite BPs
  • Account Auction and Trading
    EOS account auction and account trading
  • EOS Resource Bank
    Open to users to rapidly rent EOS resources
  • Multiple Hot DApp Games
    The funniest and hottest EOS game dApps
  • Account Registration
    Creating accounts for oneself or others
Starteos Community
  • Oversea Community and Platform
    You may have an insight into the trends of EOS industry here in time
    on Twitter, Telegram, Steemit, Medium, Reddit, Facebook, Youtube.
  • Domestic Community and Platform
    To Provide a platform for EOS enthusiasts to learn and communicate on Starteos’s official website, “Community” in “Starteos” Wallet App, Knowledge Planet, Zhihu, Bihu, Sina Weibo.
EOS Exchange (Coming Soon)
  • Decentralized
    A Safe and Reliable Decentralized Exchange
  • To Know the Market by Only “One Tap”
    To quickly know token price, value and trading conditions
  • To Trade on Multiple Terminals
    Covers iOS, Android, Windows, Mac; supports multi types of business functions
  • User First, Safe and Reliable
    Put user first and professionally protect investor’s asset.