Team Profile
Li Ang
Founder and CEO
  • A senior blockchain investor
  • Founder of Canoepool
  • Founder of Starteos
Xie Ping
  • MBA of Chongqing University (General Affairs Management and Strategy Management)
  • FMBA of Brock University
  • Proficient in financial management system and VIE
  • Experienced in financial management
Wu Huadong
  • Co-founder of HC-O Inc.
  • Proficient in blockchain business pattern and process
  • Experienced in project research, development and management
  • Experienced in enterprise operation and management
Chen Yonghui
  • Founder of HC-O Inc.
  • An early blockchain practitioner
  • Experienced in the research and development of Internet products
Yang Yang
  • Co-founder of HC-O Inc.
  • Experienced in Internet research and development
  • Experienced in technical team management
  • Proficient in blockchain mechanism, theory and infrastructure related technology
  • Proficient in data encryption and network security
Liu Yunya
  • Experienced in media industry
  • A senior feature program producer
  • Proficient in media operation
  • Has abundant resources of new media
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