Company Profile

Starteos is committed to promoting the development of blockchain industry and making blockchain technology applied to and serve the real economy better.

Starteos entered blockchain industry in 2013.

In April 2018, Starteos cooperated with University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and built the “Blockchain Technology Research and Application Joint Laboratory”.

In April 2018, "Starteos", the world's simplest and safest digital wallet, was released.

In July 2018, “one-tap access” cold-storage wallet ---- Memory Box, was released.

Vision:Contribute to EOS community; promote the development of blockchain industry; improve the overall level of enterprise; make all efforts for the country and society.


In order to promote the development of EOS and dApp better, Starteos has created a dApp ranking list which is open to the public.

This ranking list will be made jointly by Starteos’s researchers, blockchain KOLs and rating agencies in accordance with dApp positioning, market analysis, team analysis, partners/investors, project planning and progress, region, etc.

Joint Laboratory

Starteos has established a “Blockchain Technology Research and Application Joint Laboratory” with the Software Engineering Department of UESTC (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China).

The joint laboratory is led by Professor Lei Hang and has 3 PhD students, 5 master students, 2 international students and several undergraduates who formed a research team. The two parties have reached a strategic cooperation agreement in the field of science and technology, blockchain generic technology research, blockchain information security mechanism research, and the advanced information technology that is applicable to blockchain or internet. The alliance of Starteos and UESTC has been pushing the development of blockchain especially EOS and cultivating outstanding EOS developers.


Starteos has set up official website, “Community” in “Starteos” Wallet App, WeChat Official Account, Knowledge Planet, Zhihu, Bihu, Sina Weibo to provide EOS community with a platform for learning, communication and sharing EOS news, DApp developing experience, EOS articles, etc.

Starteos also shares EOS information on Twitter, Telegram, Steemit, Medium, Reddit, Facebook and YouTube to allow more people to know EOS.

Talent Cultivation

Joint Laboratory: Starteos has established a "Joint Laboratory" with UESTC and is cultivating outstanding EOS developers.

Live Education:Starteos will invite blockchain KOLs, tech savvys, etc. to provide live education and give opportunities to everyone for cooperation, communication and improvement from the aspects of operations, development, etc. Starteos is committed to contribute to the development of EOS.

Starteos has set up community on Telegram, WeChat, Knowledge Planet, Zhihu, Bihu, Weibo, etc., and has been sharing EOS news, dApp developing experiences, and EOS information with the community.

Development History

Established Chongqing Yuhuan Technology Co., Ltd.


Established the largest mine of China in Chengdu, Sichuan, with load up to 30,000 kw


Established the world’s largest mine in Xinjiang, with load up to 130,000 kw

In the beginning of 2018

Established Starteos, dedicated to making contributions to EOS community

April, 2018

Established “Blockchain Technology Research and Application Joint Laboratory” with the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC)
April, 2018 – Released smart digital wallet “Starteos”

July, 2018

Released One-tap Access Cold-storage Wallet “Memory Box”